A Keds History:

The history of the sneaker, quite literally, begins with Keds. The term sneaker was coined as a nickname for Keds because their rubber soles made them so quiet one could “sneak around” without being heard. Since forming in 1916, Keds sneakers have been known for their simple, minimalist designs. Historically Keds have been more popular with women. In 1949 Keds introduced the Pro-Keds line, serious athletic shoes that would eventually go on to basketball and hip-hop sneaker fame. The classic Keds models are the Champion (their signature shoe) and the Triumph. Keds is now owned by the Stride Rite Corporation.


Keds Sneak-Facts:

• In 1979 Stride Rite bought Keds from Uniroyal for $18 million.

• Keds are one of the most popular postwar kids shoes.

• The word “ked” reportedly comes from the Indian word for moccasin.


Notable Models:

The most well-known of the Keds sneakers, the Champion is a true minimalist shoe offered in oxford and slip-on styles.

Another well-known model of the Keds brand. The Triumph has recently had a resurgence in popularity.

Court Ace
A retro shoe with a heritage dating back to 1934. The Court Ace was originally designed in the thirties for racquet sports and is built with a shock-proof arch-cushioned insole and cushioned heel.